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Cardiology organizations are calling for Practices to update their Nuclear Stress labs and equipment.  Cardiac PET or PET/CT is the next step in offering your patients the best.  Upbeat Cardiology Solutions is here for the when and how to bring Cardiac PET into your practice.  All you have to do is ask, we take care of the rest.

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Cardiac PET is the recommended test for MPI and for good reason

  • Reduced radiation – with lifelong radiation exposure concerns increasing moving to cardiac PET is the safest method to perform myocardial perfusion imaging with the lowest radiation exposures compared to all other options

  • Higher accuracy – improve your catherization correlations with cardiac PET reducing unnecessary procedures and improve confidence in final results. 

  • Micro-vessel Evaluation - with MBF you can now evaluate micro-vessels to get a better idea of cardiac health. This can be evaluated by region and as a whole improving effective treatment plans

  • Shorter testing times – patients number one complaint with nuclear stress tests is the time it takes to finish the test.  With cardiac PET it is one patient at a time and patients can be in and out of the office in 1 hour or less

  • Simple Scheduling – with the one hour block scheduling it makes it easy on patients and staff alike

  • Physician Time management - with updated regulations let us walk you through physician supervision changes and how to make the most of your time. 

  • Call today and get your solution!  (609) 848-3433 or email

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Space, size, regulations, or financing are intimidating hurdles you face and we have a Solution for you.
Let us do all the hard work and bring the Future of Cardiac MPI to your practice.


PET/CT is the gold standard for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging that not only allows for MBF evaluations but the best attenuation for cardiac imaging.  With shortest scan times this is a top choice for Cardiology Practices looking to grow their practice.


Cardiac PET scanners are the best option for Cardiologist that still want to offer their patients the highest quality images and results.  PET imaging also allows for MBF evaluation and reduced testing times.


To include PET/CT or PET into an office there are some construction changes required to provide the required shielding and space considerations.  Sometimes this is not practical for a practice and thats why we offer Mobile testing suites.  With our mobile options you can still choose PET/CT or PET and with minor hook up requiremenets to bring the benefit of advanced imaging into your practice

Cardiac PET: Our Services



Adding new technology can come with new requirements for your NMT depending on your state.  We have two technologist models where we train your technologist from the camera, software, hardware and generator certifications or we can provide a trained technologist to you.  If your state requires any added licensing for your new equipment, we provide a trained technologist to meet those requirements.


With our inclusive service we offer to provide a Radiation Safety officer for your site who will perform quarterly record inspections, update and review your policies and procedures, update your required postings, and train staff on radiation safety as they come aboard and for their annual refreshers.  Radiation Safety also includes required dosimetry to monitor all staff exposure.

We also offer to provide physicist services for all quarterly testing including hot lab equipment and radioactive sources.  If you chose ACR accreditation they will come and perform your annual testing requirements.


Turnkey includes everything from picking a camera to fit your needs, to finding and financing that equipment, we are a full-service company from start to beyond.  Lab design, project management, Certificate of Need, logistics on when to have equipment delivered and installed, software options, trainings, service contracts, supply management, generator scheduling and installations are just the beginning of what we offer.  Call today and let us bring the Future to you.

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