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PET and PET/CT Solutions


Small practices have been at a disadvantage for long enough with the high cost of new imaging cameras, expensive software, and unreliable reimbursements.  With Cardiac PET now taking a lead in Quality Patient outcomes and affordability coming down Upbeat Cardiology Solutions has built a model to bring access to any practice throughout the United States.    Now Cardiac PET has been tested and has become the gold standard we see consistent reimbursement proving investments as wise decisions not just for the practice but for the patients as well.

Doctor's Appointment
Doctor Operating CT Scanner


Our mobile Solutions are unique in that they bring Cardiac PET to remote, single providers, and smaller physical buildings where it wasn't feasible before.  With office space being a common deterrent in an established office Mobile Cardiac PET brings the solution to you.  

Practices find they don't have to deal with large isotope contracts, upfront camera costs, large construction projects giving piece of mind and limiting investment exposure.  Upbeat Cardiology Solutions is designed to service the physician all while offering high quality access to their patients in a comfortable outpatient setting.  

Let us find a Solution for you.

Mobile Cardiac PET: Our Services
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